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Releases 2022-03

This page shows items released in 2022-03.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 AZURE SWITZERLAND

FIX Xliff files that contain the Wordbee status "none" can be imported back into the translation editor with no issues.

Xliff files that contain the Wordbee status "none" can be imported back into the translation editor with no issues.

File Formats, XLIFF filter, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-11504

Monday, March 28, 2022 AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW New Supported Languages: Hazaragi, Chavacano, and Dholuo

Wordbee Translator now supports Hazaragi (ISO 639-3 "haz"), Chavacano (ISO 639-3 "cbk"), and Dholuo (ISO 639-3 "luo").
Learn more about how to set up any language in the system:

Languages, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators, Freelancers, Beebox, Leads - WM-11190

NEW New Languages Enabled for Textshuttle MT Connector

New languages enabled withTextshuttle MT connector and enhancements to language selection UI. Textshuttle MT now supports the following additional languages: French (Switzerland) (fr-CH), French (France) (fr-FR), German (Switzerland) (de-CH), German (Germany) (de-DE), Spanish (es), Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT), and Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR).

MT, Administrators - WM-10920

IMPROVED New Option for "Type of Work" Field in Order Form Configuration

You now have the option "Users are required to select the type of work in the order form" to set the "type of work" field as mandatory with no default value in the order form configuration page.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-11094

IMPROVED Enhancements to the Import of Comments and Segment Statuses When Importing Xliff Files in the Editor

We have made adding and reimporting comments a default behavior for all users. in doing so, we removed the "Add comments" checkbox. Furthermore, status updates from 3rd-party tools (who follow OASIS xliff 1.2 standards) can now also be imported into the editor.

File Formats, XLIFF filter, Translators - WM-11269

FIX Corrected Text for Marking Files for Online or Offline Translation

Corrected text for marking files for online and offline translation.

Project Management, Project Managers - WM-10443

FIX Earliest Order Delivery Deadline Issue Resolved

When an order form is configured with a minimum work lead time and a set delivery time range, clients are now able to choose the earliest delivery deadline available, instead of the automatic deadline of EOB.

Client Orders, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-10822

FIX "Replace Single or Double Quote" Autocorrect Feature Issue Resolved

When segment text includes HTML the autocorrect feature "Replace single quotes" or "Replace double quotes" in the Smart Assistant, now correctly replaces the desired marks.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-11101

FIX Filter for “Empty” Custom Fields Issue Resolved

When filtering for "empty" custom fields, the translation or terminology editors now return filtered results.

Custom Fields, Translators, Project Managers - WM-11116

FIX CSV Termbase Import Failure Resolved

CSVs containing empty source term entries can now be imported.

Terminology, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-10514

FIX Global Search User Notification Added

Users will now see a message informing them that they do not have any resources available in the Global Search profile when there are no resources attached to their profile.

GlobalSearch, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-10905

Monday, March 7, 2022 AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW New supported languages: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Zigula

Wordbee Translator now supports French Polynesia (fr-PF), New Caledonia (fr-NC), and Zigula (ISO 639-3: zwi).
Learn more about how to set up any language in the system:

Languages, Translators - WM-11122

FIX Import comments with previously exported XLIFF files

Users can now import comments into the CAT editor via previously exported XLIFF files. Please note that during initial export users must enable the "Add comment" option in the target language.

Editor, Project Managers - WM-11088

FIX Fix for MT Hive Customization Page

System no longer times out when saving changes to the MTHive customization page with numerous enabled options and multiple attached resources.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-10716

FIX Report S107 now filters using invoice date

Reports - S107 - now correctly filters using the invoice date rather than the project completion date.

Reports, Translators, Project Managers, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-10959

FIX PowerPoint files: Referenced hidden slides extraction

Hidden PowerPoint slides referenced in visible slides will now be handled by Wordbee as hidden slides and will not be extracted for translation if the configuration is not set for hidden slides to be translated.

Editor, File Formats, Translators, Project Managers - WM-10853





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