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Releases 2022-07

This page shows items released in 2022-07.

Thursday, July 28, 2022 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

FIX Assign Supplier To Job

There were reports that the supplier assignment to jobs was failing in some scenarios. This is now working as expected.

Email templates, Project Managers - WM-12598

Monday, July 25, 2022 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW [API v2] - Order Work Progress

This new method allows a user to obtain detailed work progress information for an order, beyond just the order status. This API call can be used by clients and any other person authorized to access an order. The order status of “In Progress” just indicates that some work is going on. Using our new API enables users to obtain more details on the exact job work progress, such as: which jobs in a workflow have been completed, which job is currently in progress, if the preparation for delivery job is active, and more.
For more detailed information, please see

API, Client Orders, Clients - WM-12013

NEW Word and PDF Parsers Now Allow For Extracting Hyperlink URLs for Translation

It is now possible to extract hyperlink URLs from Word & PDF files into Wordbee Translator. Users can configure this new option in the Word and PDF file parsers under General > Content > Extract hyperlinks. When enabled hyperlink URLs are extracted as a separate segment in the translation editor.

Editor, File Formats, Translators, Project Managers - WM-10085

IMPROVED Various Visual and Usability Enhancements to MT Hive

The changes include a new logic for Search buttons, minor visual enhancements, and further visual optimizations for smaller screens. We also added a new method to cache user preferences that has been developed and will be applied to the MT Hive screens in the upcoming releases.

MT Hive, Clients - WM-11740

IMPROVED Optimized Performance for Resource Selection Screen

Users can add linguistic resources to Standard projects in tab "3. Resources" by clicking the "Add" button. This will open a window to select the right linguistic resource for the project. We optimized the way resources are loaded into this screen enabling faster selection.

Resources, Project Managers - WM-11187

FIX Changing Target Language After Job Creation Syncs With Editor Column Names

When users created a Standard job for a language pair and then changed the target language, the translation editor displayed the original language pair instead of the new one by default. This behavior has now been fixed. The Editor target column name will now be synced with the target language selected in the Standard job page if it is updated after initial creation.

Editor, Job Management, Project Managers, Administrators - WM-10883

FIX Same Day Order Deadline Selection Issue Resolved

If a computer's time zone was set to any zone between (UTC-1:00) and (UTC-12:00) an order submitted with a deadline of the same day would cause the system to automatically select a deadline one month into the future. This issue has now been resolved and the system is able to choose a deadline on the same day regardless of the computer's set time zone.

Client Orders, Translators, Project Managers - WM-12153

FIX Chinese Comma Now Considered Separator for QA Forbidden Terms Rule

A specific Chinese separator prevented the QA Rule for Forbidden Terms to work correctly. We have added the Chinese comma as a separator to the list used by the QA check to identify forbidden terms.

QA, Translators, Project Managers - WM-11786





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