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Releases 2022-10

This page shows items released in 2022-10.

Monday, October 17, 2022 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW New Interface Screens Now Work with SVG Assets

Wordbee now allows for uploading banners and logos for the new interface (currently only available for MT Hive) in the SVG format. SVG images scale better on different screen sizes than PNG files. With this new development, administrators can further optimize the custom platform design for their clients.

General, Administrators - WM-12884

NEW New API 2 Methods to Create, Update & Delete Persons

The new methods for our API 2 allow API users with administrator rights to create, update or delete persons. More information can be found in our online documentation:

Access-Rights, Client Management, Administrators - WM-11253

IMPROVED Cancelled Projects May Now Be Deleted in Batches

Users may now delete multiple cancelled projects simultaneously. In order to permanently delete projects, users can simply tick a selection of projects in 'Find projects' and click the 'Delete' button on top.

Project Management, Project Managers - WM-12998

FIX Proper Recognition of Font Color Black (#000000) in Microsoft Word Parser

Microsoft Word visually applies the font color "Black (#000000)" to texts if users don't define one themselves. Previously, Wordbee couldn't process this specific text as the code in the Word document didn't specify a font color. With this fix, the parser recognizes this text correctly and extracts or ignores it according to the parser settings.

Parsers, Project Managers - WM-12500

FIX "Match Whole Phrase" Now Returns All Results

The "Match Whole Phrase" option in the Editor's "Search & Replace" module has been fixed. Previously, when users enabled this option, sentences that ended with special characters caused the module to not return any results.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-10901

FIX Right to Manage User Notification Settings Bound to R154

Previously, when access right R156 was disabled, project managers were unable to change the notifications settings for external suppliers. As R156 is only supposed to revoke the right to manage internal users, the right to change the notification settings are now bound to access right R154 "Can edit users".

Access-Rights, Project Managers - WM-11201

FIX Editor Excel Export No Longer Fails with JSON-like Text

During the export of content from the editor into Excel some segments that contained JSON-like text caused the export to fail. We enhanced our code to prevent this behavior.

Editor, Project Managers - WM-12657

FIX API V2 Will Now Retrieve Order Labels Correctly

When using API V2 to retrieve order labels, Wordbee now returns the correct values.

API, Clients - WM-13070





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