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Releases 2023-08

This page shows items released in 2023-08.

Thursday, August 24, 2023 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW Enhancing S300 Orders Reporting: Initial Status Timestamps and Dashboard Integration for Improved Analysis

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to the S300 orders reporting system. This development focuses on extracting and displaying the initial timestamps for the "Proposal," "Work done," and "In progress" statuses in the S300 orders report. Previously, the report only presented the most recent status change; this enhancement allows access to the first occurrence of these statuses for each order, thereby providing a more comprehensive view for analysis. In addition, these newly acquired data points will seamlessly integrate into the orders' dashboard as dedicated columns. They can also be included in exports using the existing "Print" functionality. In conjunction with these changes, the orders' dashboard will offer enhanced search options to accommodate the new data points, enabling users to filter information according to their specific needs. This upgrade significantly augments the analytical depth of the system, empowers more informed decision-making, and elevates user experience.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-15177

NEW Enhanced Tools for Document Management: Introducing the Work & Delivery Page for Codyt Projects

The latest update to Codyt projects brings forth a significant enhancement - the integration of the Work & Delivery page, a familiar feature for many from the Standard Project page.

The Work & Delivery page introduces a range of features designed to facilitate a seamless document management experience:
• Download: Obtain both original and translated files conveniently packaged into a single ZIP archive.
• Make Deliverables: Simplify the creation of deliverables by compiling them for one or multiple files with a single click.
• Work Offline: Export files to formats such as XLIFF, WORD, or EXCEL, enabling offline work. After completion, easily import these files back into Wordbee.
• Machine Translate: Access machine-generated translations for selected documents or entire sets, providing an efficient way to obtain initial translations.
• Additional Tools: The page also includes supplementary tools aimed at further enhancing user workflow and efficiency.

The Work & Delivery page represents a substantial upgrade to Codyt projects, offering an array of tools tailored to enhance work processes and optimize document management.

Project Management, Project Managers - WM-14596

IMPROVED Enhancements in Trailing Spaces Detection for Quality Assurance Checks

In this release, we have enhanced our Quality Assurance (QA) checking functionality by addressing an issue related to trailing spaces. Previously, the "Spaces - Leading/Trailing" option did not consistently flag mismatching trailing newlines, unlike its effective identification of leading newline discrepancies. We have now enhanced the QA module and as a result, trailing newlines that deviate from the intended format are now accurately identified during the QA check. This improvement contributes to a more precise QA process, ensuring content conforms to desired formatting standards.

Editor, QA, Project Managers - WM-15109

IMPROVED Administrators Can Now View License Types on User Activity Pages

The User Activity page in Settings now displays the user's license type. In addition to information such as first and last name, IP address, and other details previously included, administrators can now see what type of license the user is assigned.

Administration, Subscriptions, Administrators - WM-13872

IMPROVED Enhanced Search Functionality for Special Character Phrases in the Editor

In this release, we've addressed an issue where the search bar in the Editor was not functioning correctly when attempting to find phrases starting with "<" and ending with ">". Previously, this led to inaccurate search results. With the update, users can now efficiently search and locate these specific character combinations, improving the overall search experience.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-13242

FIX Job Opening Visibility Issue Resolved

Previously, there was an occasional issue where job openings would remain visible to a user even after they had been accepted by someone else. In this release, we have resolved this issue. The My Jobs page now displays only jobs that have been assigned to the current user, as well as unassigned jobs.

Job Management, Translators, Project Managers - WM-15400

FIX Copy Action Issue for Translation Memories and Term Bases on Resource Detail Page Resolved

Recently, we inadvertently introduced an unexpected behavior related to the "Copy" action, which is used to copy segments from one resource to another and can be accessed from a resource's details page. This feature failed when used to copy from a translation memory or term base. It was limited to copying from a project memory only. We have now resolved this issue to ensure that the "Copy" action performs properly across all resources.

Resources, Project Managers - WM-15300

FIX Aligned Access Control for Text Revisions and Comments

With this release, we have corrected the access control behavior for user right R259. This right is related to viewing text revisions and comments. Previously, comments were correctly hidden after a job was accepted but visible before it was accepted. Now, if a user has the "Can view all text revisions and comments" right disabled, they will not see comments before or after the job is accepted, providing better consistency in expected behavior.

Editor, Translators - WM-13668

Monday, August 7, 2023 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW New Search Functionality for Order Form Configurations in Settings

We have addressed an issue where users could not efficiently search for new order form configurations on the settings page, leading to time-consuming navigation through multiple pages. With the latest update, we've introduced a search bar at the top of the "New Order Form" section under "Settings." This enhancement enables users to swiftly locate and modify specific settings without the need for manual scrolling. Save valuable time during new order setup with this streamlined search feature.

Administration, Administrators - WM-11311

IMPROVED Enhancements in Language Support for DeepL Connector

We've enhanced the DeepL connector to correctly process languages that DeepL no longer supports, including both regional and non-regional variations. Our adjustments in Wordbee now align with DeepL's latest language support offerings.

DeepL, Machine Translation, Project Managers - WM-15432

IMPROVED Improved Order and Project Filtration by Manager

In this update, we've addressed an issue that affected the filtering of projects or orders by manager. Previously, the drop-down list of managers was not displayed in alphabetical order, causing inconvenience. With this release, the drop-down lists now appear as expected, sorted in alphabetical order. This enhancement ensures a smoother and more efficient user experience when managing projects and orders by specific managers.

Project Management, Project Managers - WM-15410

IMPROVED Enhancement of Terminology Search Display in Wordbee Editor

In this release, an improvement has been made to the terminology search functionality in Wordbee Editor. When using the magnifying glass symbol to perform a search, the terminology window will now appear expanded with the Term entries unfolded by default. Notably, the "Term type" and "Usage status" fields will be displayed color-coded in this unfolded view, facilitating swift identification of values by linguists. This enhancement streamlines the terminology review process and empowers linguists with a more efficient workflow.

Terminology, Project Managers - WM-14160

IMPROVED Enhanced Date Formatting for Email Notifications

We have enhanced the business rule for email notifications. This new rule provides administrators with the ability to choose the date formats for Jobs and Orders email notifications. Users now have the following options:
1. Select the standardized ISO date format (YYYY-MM-DD) for all dates.
2. Choose the default behavior where dates are displayed according to the sender's preferred date format based on their preference page settings.
Please note this change aims to increase clarity and reduce potential miscommunication by ensuring everyone is aligned on the date formatting.

Emails, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-13402

FIX Issue for External Workers' Resource Preview in Editor Resolved

This release introduces an enhancement for external workers with Access right R320 "Can edit/delete records in attached resources." Users can now seamlessly preview attached resources from the Editor when the job's target language is enabled as the source in the resource. The update ensures error-free access to resource segments from the translation finder in the editor, allowing smoother navigation and editing capabilities for enhanced productivity.

Access-Rights, Editor, Job Management, Resources, Translators - WM-14929

FIX Elimination of Duplicate Entries for Generic Language Filters

Previously, if a resource contained a language and one or more of its variants (Source/Target) and was filtered by the generic language, the system returned duplicate results for the same resource, one for each language variant. With this update, when searching by the generic language, resources containing a language and one or more variants will return only one entry per resource, eliminating duplicate results. This ensures more efficient and accurate resource filtering based on generic language criteria.

Resources, Administrators - WM-14711

FIX Markup issues with DeepL Machine Translation Resolved

Previously when machine translating with DeepL the opening markup was left out in the translation which resulted in an error when trying to create the deliverable in Wordbee Translator. We have now corrected this behavior and markup is now properly populated in the translation.

Beebox, Machine Translation, Wordbee Website, Translators, Freelancers - WM-14690

FIX Resolved QA Processing Issue with Forbidden Terms

In this release, we have addressed a critical issue that caused QA check operations to become stuck in a "waiting" state when using a profile that contained single special characters within the Forbidden Terms rule. We have implemented a fix that will allow the QA check to be completed. Please note that single special characters are not currently supported as forbidden terms and will not be identified by the QA check. Using the filtration option is the best way to identify segments with a specific single special character. For more information on how to use the search bar please visit:

Editor, QA, Translators, Project Managers - WM-15328

FIX Failure in Exporting Codyt Jobs via 'Print' Function When Including Custom Fields

When attempting to export jobs from the Codyt Jobs list using the 'Print' function, users previously faced an issue if the job custom fields were included in the columns selected for export. We are pleased to announce that this issue has been successfully rectified. It's important to highlight that this specific problem did not impact the process of printing Standard jobs.

Job Management, Translators, Project Managers - WM-15064





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