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Releases 2023-09

This page shows items released in 2023-09.

Monday, September 18, 2023 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

IMPROVED Expanding Comment Categories in the Translation Editor

In the translation editor, users have the ability to categorize their comments. Administrators can customize these category names via the Settings page. Previously, only 8 categories could be defined; now, we have increased this limit to 20. This will allow users greater flexibility in organizing and managing the comments.

Editor, Project Managers - WM-15594

IMPROVED Improved S410 Business Report Invoice Display

To enhance our invoicing capabilities, we've made some updates to the S410 business report. Previously, it only showed the initial invoice for each job. Now, with this update, every invoice linked to a job will appear, each on its own row. This enhancement gives users a more comprehensive overview of their invoicing history and greater flexibility in handling multiple active invoices.

Reports, Project Managers - WM-15583

IMPROVED Enhanced Supplier Price List Sorting in Automatic Cost Calculation

In this update, we've refined the ordering of supplier price lists for enhanced user convenience. Price lists will now be organized in the following sequence: source language, target language, task code, product code, and then in descending order of rating. When multiple lines exist for the same task, the system automatically selects the line with the highest rating for cost calculation. While supplier prices were previously displayed in order of creation, they will now be presented with the service line boasting the highest rating at the top of the price list, aligning with the sorting logic in the supplier selector for a more intuitive and efficient experience.

Price Management, Project Managers - WM-15628

IMPROVED Improved User Management for Order Notifications

We're excited to introduce two significant enhancements to our notification system. Firstly, we've redesigned the user selection interface for order notifications, making it easy to add or remove recipients for specific order alerts. It's important to note that notifications are still obligatory for company recipients. To access this interface, simply click on the "Notifications" link within the order details page. Secondly, we've implemented a new business rule that allows users to define their notification preferences for outsourced orders, giving them the flexibility to choose whether to notify internal and/or external managers. For configuration, head to "Settings" > "Email notifications."

Client Orders, Emails, Project Managers, Clients - WM-15388

IMPROVED Storage Usage Display Improvement

We have enhanced the "Settings>License & Usage" page. We have eliminated the need to click a button to update the storage information; instead, your file storage usage will be automatically synchronized. For more information about file storage limits, please contact your Wordbee Account Manager.

DCS, Administrators - WM-15576

FIX Improved PDF Content Conversion

We have successfully addressed an issue that previously hindered the order creation process due to the conversion of problematic or untranslatable content within PDF files.

OCR, Clients - WM-15548

FIX Resource Settings in Memory/Term Base: 'Do Not Use for Pretranslation' Option Overlooked During Word Count

Wordbee provides customization options for determining how each translation memory is utilized during word counting or the translation search. You can access these settings on a resource's search settings page. One of these options allows you to deactivate a resource for pre-translation purposes during word counting, for example, if the content quality is questionable. We've identified and corrected an issue where this option wasn't functioning as intended.

WordCount, Project Managers - WM-15559

FIX Job Visibility Control for External Workers

We have fixed a bug that sometimes allowed external workers to view jobs even after they were accepted by other users. With this fix, external workers will now only have visibility over jobs that are explicitly assigned to them or to their affiliated company only if they have sufficient access permissions.

Supplier Management, Translators - WM-15721

FIX Global Search Update in Editor for Better Language Selection and Error Handling

We've made enhancements to Wordbee's Global Search feature accessible from within the Editor. When users utilize the "magnifying icon" to initiate Global Search for a selected segment, Global Search will now automatically preselect the source and target languages, eliminating manual selection. Furthermore, we've addressed an access rights issue that previously caused errors when loading attached resource hits from the Translation Finder.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-15622

FIX Enhanced QA Check: Forbidden Term Rule Optimized for Green Status and Empty Segments

In this update, we've refined the Forbidden Term rule within our QA Check feature. Now, when this rule is configured not to check segments with a green status, it will intelligently disregard both the green status segments and any empty segments, streamlining the quality assurance process for improved accuracy and efficiency in content management.

QA, Translators, Project Managers - WM-15623





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