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Releases 2023-12

This page shows items released in 2023-12.

Thursday, December 14, 2023 - Version AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW Increased Custom Fields Limit for Orders and Projects

The limit for custom fields in both orders and projects has been increased to 50 custom fields. This enhancement allows for more detailed and specific data entry, ensuring that all necessary information can be captured efficiently.

Custom Fields, Administrators - WM-14289

NEW New Supported Languages: Fanti, Tumbuka, Marwari, and Apache

Wordbee Translator now supports Fanti (fat), Tumbuka (tum), Marwari (mwr), and Apache languages (apa). They are disabled by default but can be enabled at any time. Learn more about how to enable these languages or any other language in the system by visiting:

Languages, Translators, Project Managers, Clients - WM-16470

NEW New Property in Endpoint Data: "/projects/{ProjectId}/codyt/suppliercounts"

We have made a valuable update to the "/projects/{ProjectId}/codyt/suppliercounts" endpoint, introducing the new property "AdditionalFeeDiscount." This enhancement empowers users by providing transparency on any additional fees associated with the project. With this addition, clients can now seamlessly access crucial information about extra costs, facilitating more informed decision-making.

API, Project Managers - WM-16241

NEW Filter Settings: New Option to Specify Origin of Translations in Multilingual Filters

In response to the need for more tailored content management, we have updated our multilingual filters for formats including JSON, XML, EXCEL, and CSV. These filters now allow users to distinguish between different types of translations, such as machine-generated translations or preliminary suggestions, which were previously uniformly tagged as "Perfect previous version translations" in the editor.
The new option in the filter settings enables users to assign a specific origin to translations, providing a more accurate reflection in the word count and a clearer understanding of the content's source. This adjustment offers a more precise and flexible approach to handling multilingual content.

File Formats, Project Managers - WM-16355

NEW Enhancing Communication for Timely Project Management

In response to client feedback, we've addressed an issue impacting project timelines. Previously, when clients uploaded additional files post-order creation, no notifications were triggered, causing delays and frustration for both clients and project managers. To mitigate this, we've implemented an enhancement. Now, a notification prompts clients to inform other stakeholders about the uploaded files, preventing oversight and facilitating smoother project management. This feature encourages transparent communication and expedites the necessary actions.

Client Orders, Project Managers, Clients - WM-16349

NEW New Editor Shortcuts To Go To Next/Previous Empty Segment

We have introduced new keyboard shortcuts in the editor, enabling users to effortlessly navigate between segments. With a simple keystroke, you can now swiftly move to the next or previous empty segments, enhancing your editing experience. To explore these time-saving shortcuts and optimize your workflow, refer to the comprehensive guide available at

Editor, Translators - WM-16384

IMPROVED Enhancement to JSON Configuration

We have improved the description for the "Trim leading and trailing whitespaces after segmentation" option in JSON configuration. Additionally, a new tooltip has been introduced for the "Replace all whitespace sequences (newlines, tabs, blanks...) by single blanks" option, providing users with enhanced clarity and control over whitespace handling. These modifications aim to improve user experience and facilitate more precise configuration in data segmentation processes.

Tooltip, Translators, Project Managers - WM-16387

IMPROVED Translation Finder Search Bar Now Visible by Default

In response to user feedback, we have addressed a usability concern related to the Translation Finder. Previously, the search bar was not visible by default, leading users to believe there was no manual search option within the attached translation memories/terminology databases. To enhance clarity and ease the search process, we have made the search bar visible by default, eliminating user confusion and ensuring a more intuitive experience.

Editor, Translators, Project Managers - WM-16523

IMPROVED Expanding Source-Only Settings to Standard Jobs

We have extended the "Source Only" job settings previously exclusive to Codyt Jobs, and have made them available for Standard jobs as well. This enhancement empowers users with increased flexibility and control over their workflows, allowing for more tailored and efficient job setups.

Workflows, Project Managers - WM-16377

IMPROVED New Feature for Standard Projects: Customize Default Visibility Settings for Supplier Reference Material

We have brought a new feature into Standard projects, enabling users to establish the default visibility for reference materials with ease. To access this functionality, navigate to "Reference material" on the Project Details page. From here, users can specify the default visibility (invisible, visible, or editable) for reference materials in newly created jobs within the project. This option, long available for Codyt projects, has been implemented for Standard projects, simplifying the intricacies of project management.

Client Orders, Job Management, Project Managers - WM-16310

IMPROVED Optimized Multiple File Handling Within Standard Jobs

Addressing user feedback, this update optimizes the handling of multiple files within Standard jobs. Previously, external users had to navigate through several steps to open and work on documents simultaneously. Now, a more user-friendly approach enables users to open all job files directly from the Standard job page, ensuring a more intuitive experience. Managers can continue to leverage this functionality through the project’s jobs tab.

Usability, Translators - WM-16483

IMPROVED Enhanced Accessibility and Readability in Terminology Manager

We've prioritized accessibility and readability enhancements for the Terminology Manager. Notable improvements include text darkening to augment contrast with backgrounds. These changes are designed to ensure a more user-friendly experience for all our users. We believe that these adjustments will contribute to a more inclusive and efficient utilization of the Terminology Manager.

Terminology, Wordbee Website, Project Managers - WM-16168

IMPROVED Enhancement to Number Recognition Algorithm

We have addressed a specific issue reported by a customer regarding the QA rule for identifying numbers with thousand separators connected by hyphens without spaces, as exemplified by "100,000-200,000." The algorithm previously failed to accurately recognize such instances, resulting in false positive errors. This scenario, constituting an edge case in our number detection algorithm, has been thoroughly examined and rectified in this update. The modification ensures more precise identification of numbers with hyphenated thousand separators, enhancing the overall accuracy of the QA rule. Users can now expect improved performance in detecting numerical values in scenarios involving hyphenated thousand separators.

QA, Translators, Project Managers - WM-16261

IMPROVED Enhancement in Data Import Module for Person-Level Custom Field Values

In this latest update, we are thrilled to introduce a significant improvement to our data import module. Previously, the module facilitated the import and creation of user data and attributes but could not incorporate user-level custom field values. Although this functionality was available at the company level, it was notably absent for individual users. With this update, users can now efficiently import person-level custom field values using the data import module, providing a more detailed and tailored approach to data management within our system.

Administration, Administrators - WM-16373

IMPROVED Automated Translation File Creation and Master Memory Consolidation for Standard Projects

We have introduced the ability to automatically create translated files, as well as consolidate the translations into the master memory upon project completion for Standard Projects. This functionality already exists in Codyt projects and has been extended to Standard projects, ensuring a more efficient and consistent workflow for managing multilingual content.

Memory Consolidation, Resources, Translators, Project Managers - WM-16276

IMPROVED Dual-Role Functionality Integration for Improved Communication in Projects

In a rare but possible situation, a person might find themselves both managing a project and being a member of the supplier group assigned to jobs in the same project. Previously, when acting as the PM, this person would have started the process of proposing a job opening, which is typically something only project managers do. Unfortunately, the system would mistakenly send the notification only to other project managers, and not the intended suppliers, because the system wrongly assumed that the user was acting as a supplier, not a PM.
To fix this problem, we have implemented a solution: the introduction of a dual-role feature. From now on, notifications will be sent to suppliers for status changes that require a project manager's involvement, regardless of the sender's assigned role. This improvement ensures accurate identification and communication with users handling multiple roles, ultimately improving communication and enhancing our project management processes.

Emails, Project Managers - WM-16162

FIX Simplified Project Delegation: Efficient Supplier Selection

Delegate your project by selecting a qualified supplier from the project details page. In a recent release, a minor issue required users to manually refresh the selector for it to function correctly. We're pleased to announce that this concern has been successfully resolved, enhancing the efficiency of the supplier selection process for your projects.

Outsourcing, Project Management, Project Managers - WM-16445

FIX Resolved Minor Autocomplete Vulnerability in Password Field

We identified a minor vulnerability in our system where the autocomplete feature was not disabled for the password field at both the form and field levels. This oversight posed a potential security risk as user browsers could inadvertently store sensitive information in local caches, accessible to other users, attackers, or malware in the future. To mitigate this concern, we have promptly addressed the issue by implementing the necessary changes. Users can now be assured that their password information is not susceptible to unauthorized access through cached data on client devices.

Wordbee Website, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators, Freelancers - WM-16459

FIX API Consistency in “Projects/List” and “Jobs/List” Calls

Previously, the "projects/list" API call correctly filtered and displayed projects managed by the user from clients they were given access to. However, the "jobs/list" API call did not adhere to this constraint, presenting a list of jobs regardless if the user was granted access to the clients. With this fix, the "jobs/list" API call now operates as expected, providing users with an accurate list of jobs associated only with clients assigned to them. This enhancement ensures uniformity across API functionalities, delivering a more reliable representation of both projects and jobs for improved user clarity.

API, Project Managers - WM-16517





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