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Releases 2024-06

This page shows items released in 2024-06.

Monday, June 3, 2024 - Version 2024.2.8.0 AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW New Configuration Option in JSON Parsing Version 2

We have introduced a new configuration option in JSON Parsing Version 2 to exclude nodes by their property names. This feature ensures that specified properties are not extracted for translation, providing greater flexibility and control in the parsing process. For more information on JSON Files visit:

Parsers, Project Managers - WM-17471

IMPROVED Enhanced Processing of Post-Edit Requests for Embedded Objects

Post-editing requests in MT Hive are now able to process PowerPoint files with embedded Office documents such as Word or Excel. For more information about Post-editing requests, visit:

MT Hive, Clients - WM-17617

IMPROVED Improved Compatibility for QA Term Checker and Translation Finder

We've enhanced the compatibility of the QA Term Checker and Translation Finder to handle projects configured with the source language "Chinese Traditional" and an attached termbase in "Chinese Simplified" (or vice versa). This resolves an issue that previously hindered the functionality in such scenarios.

QA, Translation Finder, Translators - WM-17594

FIX Fixed Email Notification Issue in Automated Order Process

In the automated order process, there was an issue where invited suppliers did not receive the corresponding email notifications when a client submitted an order and the system automated the creation of jobs and job openings. This issue was specific to orders submitted by external clients and did not affect internal clients or orders created by internal managers on behalf of clients. This issue has now been resolved.

email, Project Managers - WM-17225

FIX Resolved Issue in Editor's Search Functionality

We have resolved an issue in the Editor that caused an error to be returned when searching for selected text within the attached resources. This fix improves the stability and usability of the search functionality within the Editor.

Editor, Resources, Translators, Project Managers - WM-17550

FIX Enhanced Invoice Creation for Services with Discounted Unit Prices

When creating invoices from services with custom unit prices, particularly discounted for machine translation (MT) or pre-translation, only the discounted price will be shown. This improvement resolves a previous issue where displaying both the discounted price and the Discount % led to inadvertent double discounts upon invoice editing and resaving.

Invoicing, Project Managers - WM-17614

FIX Resolved Issue with Completion Status for Projects Created Through MT Hive

Post-editing requests created through MT Hive without assigned managers were previously unable to be set to complete. We have addressed this issue, and now all requests, regardless of the managers specified, can be marked as complete.

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-17532

FIX Enhanced Fuzzy Match Similarity Calculation for Thai (th) Content

The algorithm used for word counting and the Translation Finder to calculate the similarity of translation memory hits was flawed for the Thai language. This issue sometimes caused dissimilar texts to result in incorrectly high similarity percentages. This issue specifically affected Thai content.

WordCount, Project Managers - WM-17579





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