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Releases 2024-07

This page shows items released so far this month.

Monday, July 1, 2024 - Version 2024.2.12.0 AZURE SWITZERLAND

NEW Improved Clarity for System-Initiated Operations

We have made updates to improve clarity around system-initiated operations. Previously, all system-translated segments and operations used a default admin user, usually the first one created; now, these actions are attributed to a generic system account, clearly indicating automation. Additionally, on the “Settings > Access Rights > General Settings” page, users can now view and select the default admin from a dropdown menu, ensuring a more intuitive and transparent user experience.

Administration, Administrators - WM-17586

NEW Enhanced Platform Settings for Default Consolidation Behavior

We have introduced a new section within the platform settings dedicated to defining default consolidation behaviors, previously confined to project-level settings. This enhancement extends the capability to manage consolidations at the platform level, offering users greater flexibility and control over their data aggregation processes.

Learn more about this feature in the online documentation:

Memory Consolidation, Resources, Translators, Project Managers, Clients, Administrators - WM-17054

IMPROVED Enhanced Confidentiality for Secret Projects

This improvement ensures that secret projects are held confidentially and properly hidden from unauthorized views, with filtering logic applied consistently across all relevant platform areas. This update is critical for all users managing confidential projects, safeguarding against unintended disclosure of project details. It reinforces our commitment to user privacy and project confidentiality.

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-17528

IMPROVED Read-Only Access for Translation Finder Hits

The Translation Finder now allows users without edit access rights to open hits in read-only mode. This update ensures that users can view relevant information without altering it, enhancing accessibility while maintaining data integrity. The improvement supports better collaboration and information sharing within access-controlled environments.

Access-Rights, Terminology, Translators - WM-17548

IMPROVED Restricted Access for Outsourcing Managers

This update prevents the outsourcing manager from accessing the order linked to the project. By restricting access, we ensure better segregation of duties and enhanced security for project-related information. This measure reinforces our commitment to protecting sensitive project details.

Outsourcing, Project Managers, Clients - WM-17666

FIX Enhanced Tag Handling in Flex Container API During Change Pull Operations

Addressed an issue in the Flex Container API where some tags were incorrectly replaced when pulling changes from the container. Tags are now correctly replaced, ensuring the functionality works as expected. This update enhances the accuracy and reliability of tag handling in the Flex Container API during change pulls.

Wordbee Flex, Project Managers - WM-17734

FIX SRX Exclusion Rules Processing Improvement

We have addressed an issue with how Wordbee processes SRX exclusion rules, ensuring they correctly override segmentation suggested by split rules. This update fixes a bug related to the processing of regular expressions in the "before" and "after" rules and includes an automatic update to two faulty German SRX rules. The improved processing ensures more accurate and reliable segmentation, particularly in complex scenarios.

Segmentation, Project Managers - WM-17344

FIX Proper Pricelist Saving in Codyt Project Job Assignments

We have resolved an issue in the Codyt project where the selected vendor's pricelist was not saved when assigning jobs via the "Manage Jobs" button. The fix ensures that pricelist information is now correctly saved, facilitating functionalities such as invoice generation that rely on this data.

Job Management, Project Managers - WM-17821

FIX Preventing Unwanted xmlns Attributes in Translated Strings

This update resolves an issue where an unwanted xmlns attribute was added to specific tags in translated XML strings. The fix ensures proper sanitization, preventing the addition of unnecessary attributes. This enhancement maintains the integrity of translated XML strings and improves overall data cleanliness.

XML Filter, Translators - WM-17631

FIX Resolution of Order Reference Disappearance Issue Following Document Version Updates

Resolved an issue where the order reference would disappear on Jobs after uploading a new version of a document. This fix ensures that the order reference remains intact and visible after any document version updates, maintaining consistent and accurate tracking information. For more information about versioning visit:

Client Orders, Project Managers - WM-17712





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