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Send emails with your own domain name

When sending emails, Wordbee-Translator uses the email addresses of the user triggering the specific action, or the email address defined in the company settings.

SPF configuration

If your company uses its own domain name as email provider, it may require your domain name administrator to allow Wordbee-Translator in your SPF record.

For that purpose, please simply add to your SPF record.

Here is an example of a SPF record:

Zone file

@			IN	TXT	"v=spf1 ip4: ~all"
  • @ refers to your domain name. Example:,
  • TXT is the type of record. SPF record uses TXT entities.
  • v=spf1 means this TXT record is used for SPF purposes.
  • ip4: means that defining an IP address (range) allowed. In our example, it is one of the Gmail range.
  • means we include/add the whole SPF record of Google to our SPF record.
  • is the definition you need to add to allow Wordbee-Translator to send email using @your-domain.tld
  • ~all means all the rest is considered as soft-fail.

More information about SPF:

DKIM configuration

Wordbee supports the highest mail security standards, so an extra option we can sign all email messages which are sent from your Wordbee platform using custom domain and your own From (reply-to) address. Our mail server would add a proper DKIM headers in each mail so your recepient's mail servers will be able to validate emails normally. Please ask Wordbee CSM team to get more details.

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