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To fill your company's profile, follow these steps:

  • Click on the arrow at the right of My Company on the menu bar and click on Summary. You can also open this page by clicking directly on My Company.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Fill in all the fields.
  • Select a default price list (if you have one) and a VAT percentage.

  • Click on Save.

The VAT rate is used when no rate is known for a client or a supplier. Clients' and suppliers' VAT rates prevail over this value. If this rate is zero and so is a client's or supplier's VAT, the invoice does not calculate VAT.

You also have the following buttons and tabs available on this page:

  •  Can login - Informative.

  •  Cannot Login - Informative.

  • Manage LoginsOpens the People & Logins page.  Click to display the People & Logins page on which you can change login details for your company (see: People & Logins for a description).

  • ProjectsClick on this link to see all the projects in which your company has been involved.

  • JobsClick on this link to open the [Jobs main page.]

  • Email Address - Informative. Click on the email address to send a message to your company.

  •  View/hide agendaClick on this icon to show/hide the company's agenda (see:The Calendar (Agenda) panel).

  •  Locate company on a world mapClick on this icon to open a window with a map showing you the geographical location of the company.
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