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Synchronizing project and job deadlines

Keeping project and job deadlines allows you to save precious project management time.


Works for Codyt projects only

If you happen to have changes in the project deadline that require automatic readjustment of the jobs in your workflow, you will be able to update and notify your vendors in just one single go.

Amend job deadlines with project changes

To do so, you will need to enable the checkbox "amend job deadlines" when updating your project delivery date, as shown below:

A confirmation window will appear so you know the number of jobs that will be updated and beforehand:

You can even decide if that is the default behavior you want to keep when updating the project deadline.

Once you confirm the action, an email notification will be sent to the relevant workers so they know about these changes. Check the jobs that have the message icon highlighted and all details about the changes will be disclosed:



This will only be applied to jobs which:

  • are still inactive or open (not completed or cancelled jobs).
  • jobs with valid deadlines (jobs with deadline outside the scope of the project or no deadline will not be handled)

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