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Synchronizing project and job status

Activating the synchronization between project and job status allows you to save precious project management time.


Works for Codyt projects only

This can be configured in Settings > Work Processes > Edit.

The below options are concerned:

By default, these settings are disabled.


Start workflows when starting projects

If you enable this first option and select 'Start inactive workflows', then if you have a project in which jobs are inactive; by passing the project status from 'Waiting' to 'In progress', the system will start the jobs automatically. Meaning that the jobs' status will automatically pass from 'Inactive' to 'Not started' and job notifications will be sent to suppliers (if jobs were assigned).

Cancel jobs when cancelling projects

If you enable this option, then when changing the project status to 'Cancelled', all jobs inside it will be cancelled automatically.

Block completion of project if jobs still open

This option can be used to prevent project managers to mark projects as completed if one or more jobs are still  'Not started', 'In progress', 'Inactive' or 'Not assigned'.

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