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System activity

Logging, monitoring and reporting

This section allows retrieving useful information about users' activity, connections, operations, and much more. The "Activity" tab can be reached via the Settings and is available to Administrators only.

This section provides detailed information on:

  • Connected users: the number of users currently connected to the platform.

  • User activity: shows all user connection logs to the system view the connection time, date and duration.

    Filters can be applied to refine the search results, such as user company, user name, date and/or time period. User activity can also be exported into an Excel file.

  • Email notifications: the lists of all emails sent automatically via the platform. Filters can be applied to search emails on the recipient, title or message.

  • Developer API history: The 'Developer API' allows to access and manipulate your data through a REST interface. This tab lists all calls to the API of your account. 

  • Webhook calls: This page lists all calls of your webhooks. Webhooks are configured under the Settings "Developer API Webhooks".

  • User operations: to view all user operations in the system. That includes all work-related operations in the system (in projects).

    Filters can be applied on User ID, but also on period and status (Finished, Executing, Waiting, Failed). In case of a failed operation, the details of the operation appear.

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