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Terminology Management Editor

The Terminology Management Editor is a user-friendly, collaborative tool where project managers, translators and other linguists are able to interact with each other to create terminology databases. Wordbee Translator provides a cloud-based Editor which aims to cover some of the major activities in a terminology workflow, including:

  • Creation and documentation of new records: new concepts, new terms, for any of the given languages in the system. You can add as many term alternatives to a concept as you wish.
  • Database maintenance you can filter records based on values for attached any of the attached properties and delete those properties/records which are no longer needed or for which requirements are not met.
  • Easily navigate and verify any documented concepts or terms side-by-side, using the column-view mode
  • All of it using a big set of TBX properties (Wordbee Translator supports the TBX 3.0 standard)

With Wordbee Translator's TermMgmt Editor, all these peers can work online in a dedicated space to build and document reliable terminology databases.

Learn more

Learn how to create, edit and export a terminology databases in the detailed sections:

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