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What is Wordbee's licensing model?


Can you describe Wordbee’s licensing model?


Wordbee Translator uses a daily concurrent licensing model. This allows you to purchase a number of licenses based on the maximum number of users who will be logged into the system on a 24-hour period.

A more traditional licensing model would require one license to be purchased for each user who could potentially log into the system.

With Wordbee licensing model, usage is not linked to a specific user, but rather to a defined number of seats. As long as the daily number of users matches the number of purchased licenses, no further costs will be incurred. 

Benefits of Daily Concurrent Licenses

With daily concurrent licenses, if you have 40 licenses, then 40 users can use the system on any given day.

This means that you can create 100 logins for 100 users in the system, and 40 of those individuals can be working in Wordbee Translator on the same day.

The benefits of this licensing model are: 

  • Lower Licensing Costs

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Easier Account/Licensing Administration

  • Efficient, Widespread System Use

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