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Squiz Connect & Squiz Matrix

Squiz Connect

Squiz Connect is an iPaaS system (cloud-based integration platform) designed for Squiz DXP. Its prebuilt components enable the creation of a digital ecosystem, facilitating rapid data flows between Squiz products and other applications, systems, and technologies.

Squiz Connect's user-friendly interface empowers teams to access and leverage organizational data to develop personalized and cohesive customer experiences. The platform has a component for Wordbee Translator which works with the Wordbee API version 2 which allows users to build any integration flows between Wordbee Translator and other applications in the Squiz ecosystem.

Squiz Matrix

Squiz also published integration flow templates, so called recipes. They have been specifically developed to work with Squiz Matrix, a flexible, low-code enterprise content management system designed to manage multiple sites with many editors.

These recipes are a great starting point to setup workflows for the automated exchange of content and translations between the CMS and Wordbee. Both, Squiz Matrix and the integrations are highly configurable to cater for complex use cases and the publishing of multilingual websites. They contain various settings that allow for the configuration of metadata schemas, update frequencies and publishing workflows.

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