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Add service to pricelist

Use this method to add a service (pricelist item) to a pricelist.

When adding a service, you need to have:

  • The pricelist id to which the service is added
  • The company id to which the pricelist is attached


(PUT) companies/{companyid}/pricelists/{pricelistid}/services



The token obtained on connection.



The id of the supplier company (create a supplier pricelist) or the master company (create a client pricelist).



The id of the client or supplier price list.



A json containing the service details, see below.



JSON format of "data" parameter


TaskCodeThe task category code such as "TR" for translation. See Task categories on how to get the list of all available codes.Required

The source language code. See Languages for a list of all supported ISO-2 language codes.

Use "*" (star) for services applicable to all languages.


Array of strings representing the target language code. See Languages for a list of all supported ISO-2 language codes.

Use "*" (star) for services applicable to all languages.

The target language must be different from the source language (except if you use "*").

Sample: LocaleTarget":["en"]

ProductCodeAn optional short text that is shown as "product code" in Wordbee.Optional
CommentsComments attached to the service.Optional


The unit price formatted as a decimal. Drop field or set to 0 to create a service without a price.

Default: 0



Specifies the costed unit such as “WD” for words. See 12.8 for the list of all supported unit codes.

Default: WD


The number of units included in the price. For example, a service may define “0,1 Euros per 10 words”. In this example PriceUnits would be 10.

Default: 1


A value between 1 and 5 to rate the quality or priority of the service. 5 is best.

Default: 3

DelayHoursIndicates the lead time in hours applicable by the supplier. The lead time is the minimum time in hours from notification of work until start to work. For example: If the supplier lives in a different time zone, a minimum lead time would reflect the time difference. Optional
DelayDaysIndicates the lead time in days applicable by the supplier. You can combine this value with DelayHours and obtain for example a lead time of 1 day and 7 hours.Optional
DelayUnitsPerDayThe capacity of the supplier. It indicates the number of units the supplier can process per day (see PriceUnitCode). The unit is indicated in field PriceUnitCode.Optional


JSON format of field "Conversion"


RateA decimal. One unit in the standard pricelist currency equals this amount in the currency of the new pricelist.Required
DateAn optional date for the rate.Optional

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