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A distinction is made between supplier and client pricelists. Supplier pricelists are "attached" to the supplier company. Client pricelists are attached to the master company.

  • To create or update a supplier pricelist, you need to first get the id of the supplier company(see External companies). Then use this id with the methods below.
  • To create a client pricelist, you need to get the id of the master company, which is your company (see Master company details). Client price lists are thus all attached to the master company. Once you have created a client price list, it can be used for costing clients.


Price list code


Each pricelist is identified by its code which simply is a name such as "My preferred prices". Each company has exactly one default pricelist. These do not have a name, the name being an empty string.


For example to access the default client pricelist, set the code to an empty string.




Once a pricelist record is created, you can add services to it. A service is a record such as "Translation English to French, 0,03 USD per word, product code 'Fast and furious'".

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