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Update company

Use this method to update properties of an existing company


(POST) Companies



The token obtained on connection



The id of the company to modify.



A json containing the company information (see below)



JSON format of "data" parameter

Only specify those fields that you want to update.

CompanyNameThe name of the companyOptional
CodeAn optional company code.Optional
CompanyTypeIdThe id representing the type of company that you want to create. For example, '0' is a "Corporation", '1' is a "Freelance translator". See Company types to get the list of existing profiles. If not set, "Corporation" is the default type.Optional
CommentsInternal comments included with the new companyOptional
CityThe city where the company is based.Optional
AddressLine1The first line of the address of the company.Optional
AddressLine2The second line of the address of the company.Optional
AddressLine3The third line of the address of the company.Optional
ZipThe address zip code.Optional

The 3 letter ISO country code such as 'USA', 'GRB',…

See for a complete list of codes.


The company time zone code.

See Time zones to get the list of supported codes.

ContactNameThe contact person.Optional
ContactEmailThe contact email.Optional
ContactPhoneThe contact phone.Optional
ContactPhoneMobileThe contact mobile phone.Optional
ContactFaxThe contact fax.Optional
ContactLocaleThe preferred language of communication.Optional
ContactTitleThe title of the contact such 'Mr.', 'Mrs.',...Optional
DebtorNumberThe debtor number. Applies to clients only.Optional
CreditorNumberThe creditor number. Applies to suppliers only.Optional
InvIsSameTrue or false. Indicates if the billing address is the same than the company address. If not set, the default value is true. The properties below are only processed if value is true.Optional
InvNameThe billing company name.Optional
InvEmailIf specified, then invoices are distributed by email to this address. Otherwise, emails are sent to the regular company contact email.Optional
InvCityBilling details: The city.Optional
InvAddressLine1Billing details: The first address details line.Optional
InvAddressLine2Billing details: The second address details line.Optional
InvAddressLine3Billing details: The third address details line.Optional
InvZipBilling details: The zip code.Optional
InvCountryCodeBilling details: The 3 letter ISO country code.Optional
VATApplicable VAT rate. If empty then the default platform VAT rate applies when calculating costs.Optional
PaymentTermsPayment terms applicable to supplier/client. If not provided, the platform default terms apply.Optional
VATNoThe company VAT /Tax number.Optional
AccountingCodeOptional code used for accounting purposes.Optional

A json array containing a list of custom field ids and values.

See below for details.




[ {
	"Id": "CustomStr1", 
	"Value": "My field" 
	"Id": "CustomStr5", 
	"Value": "A-2233" 
} ]

Set a label: "labels": [ { "id": 10, "value": 1 }, … ]

Clear a label: "labels": [ { "id": 10, "value": null }, … ]

See Custom labels to get the list of labels.


The id of the template to use when printing invoices / quotes. See Invoice print layout to get the list.

Set null to reset value.



JSON format of field "CustomFields"


IdThe custom string id such as 'CustomStr1', 'CustomStr2', etc. Use method settings/customfields to obtain all available ids. Note that custom fields may apply to clients only, suppliers only or both (check out the configuration of custom fields in your Wordbee platform).Required
ValueThe value to set for the custom stringRequired


A minimal json to update the city of a company


"City": "New York",


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