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apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/files/file (GET)

Download a file related to the flex document.


(GET) /api/apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/files/file?name={name}&locale={locale}


URL parameters are:


Specify either a document ID (such as 1000) or a job ID (such as c300).

Mandatory, string
nameThe name of the related file. With sub-folders use the backslash: "myfolder\myfile.docx"Mandatory, string
localeOptional.  Uses source locale by default. Permits to fetch attached files in a specific language.Optional, string


The method returns the file.

The HTTP response header includes:

  • The Content-Type (such as "text/xml")
  • The Content-Disposition set to "attachment" and including the file name


Fetch the attached file with name "deliverable.indd":

(GET) /api/apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/files/file?name=deliverable.indd

If the file exist, the HTTP response is the file stream.

If the file does not exist, you get a 400 status code and this JSON result:

  "error": {
    "operation": null,
    "date": "2019-06-21T07:04:51.9080984Z",
    "title": "Invalid parameter 'name': File name is not valid.",
    "details": null,
    "errorurl": null,
    "messages": []

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