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Wordbee Flex Workflows

Wordbee Flex is a technology to implement continuous translation workflows. Wordbee Flex is perfect when the content you translate constantly changes over longer periods of time, it may grow with more segments added or even shrink sometimes. For example, the strings of software may change with each new software version or build. Developers may push content changes on a daily basis! Our goal with "Flex" is to enable continuous content production, translation and delivery workflows. We definitely do not want new translation jobs with each change. We definitely want the whole process to be as agile as possible for both developers or content producers as well as for translation teams.

These are the topics for you as an API developer:



Tasks in Wordbee Translator

Here you learn how to obtain an API key and what you (or the translation administrator) needs to prepare before you can get started.

Prerequisites in Wordbee Translator / Flex

Enumerate existing Flex documents

Each Flex document is a "container" of strings. For example, a Flex document can contain all strings (in any languages) of a software.

The API method below gives you all Flex documents in Wordbee Translator with name, ID, last content change and more. You need the document ID in order to interact with the Flex document.


Create new Flex documents

Without a Flex document, this API is of no use... So you need to add Flex documents (or containers for your strings) in Wordbee projects.

You can do this manually: Prerequisites in Wordbee Translator / Flex

Or you can do this with the API: apps/wbflex/documents (POST)

Push and pull content

These are the most important methods. You start off with an empty Flex container and so you will likely start pushing the first version of strings:


In regular intervals, you may want to see if the translation team did any changes. Use the list API to find the last change date of selected or all Flex documents:


Finally, you will want to pull the latest translations:


Sharing pricing and cost with clients

You can share the prices you apply with clients through the API. See this page:

Costing / Flex

Below method permits clients to download the prices you configured:

documents/{id}/pricing (GET)

To allow a client to preview cost of a push payload, use below method. A push preview is the same as a push except it does not change any data. Simply make sure to set the includeCost parameter to true.


The client can then decide to proceed with the regular push.

If a preview is not needed or of you want to include the cost with the push result, then set the includeCost property to true with the regular push method:


JSON format when pushing content

When pushing your strings you need to format your data in a specific JSON format. You find some examples here:

Push updates - JSON samples


When pushing content you can optionally specify a major and minor version number of your strings. This really is an optional feature.

See the push and pull API methods for more.

Attaching reference material

You can upload and download files linked to a Flex document. These are files saved in the same project and in the same folder (Prerequisites in Wordbee Translator / Flex)

The API methods are:

Managing attached files / Flex

What else?

Up to you to tell us!

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