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Prerequisites in Wordbee Translator / Flex

Before you can start using the Flex API, some configuration is required in Wordbee Translator.

Flex format configurations (optional)

The API is designed to interact with "Wordbee Flex" documents in a Wordbee project. Like with any other file type, there are configuration options under "Settings" > "Wordbee Flex".

When you add a new Flex document to a project, either by API or in the web interface, you can choose the configuration to use. Click on "Settings" and select the "Wordbee Flex" file format:

Clicking the link above leads you to all Flex configurations. You can edit, add and remove them. A configuration has very few options:

The options in the top are defaults that can be overridden when pushing content to the API, see apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/contents/push.

Creating a Flex document in a project

Start with creating a Codyt project. Choose all your languages and do all the different steps you would usually do with a project.

Once the project is ready you have 2 options to add Flex files:

  • Create them manually in the project

  • Create them with the API

Creating Flex documents manually

Upload an empty file to the project library, under the source language folder. Below you see a Codyt project's document library:

We uploaded 2 Flex files into a subfolder "Software" for English, which is our source language.

We also uploaded a Word document with some instructions. Such related files can easily be downloaded and uploaded with the API (for example, you can use the API to push deliverables into the project).

Now, let us mark the files for translation: Right-click .wbflex file and choose "Mark for online translation". A dialogue lets you choose the Flex configuration described earlier.

This is how it looks now:

You are ready to push and pull contents with the API.

But what is the document ID for my new flex documents? I need this in the API!

Good point indeed! Use the API method to list or filter all the flex files in the platform to get the IDs: Finding documents / Flex

Creating Flex documents with the API

All the manual steps above can be done in a few API calls:

Creating API credentials/keys

When working with the API you will need an API key. This key is linked to a specific user in Wordbee Translator and the key gives the same access rights that this user has.

In most cases, you would:

  • Login as administrator

  • Add a new internal user in your Wordbee Translator. Assign the "Manager" profile. If required, create a new user profile with more restricted rights.

  • Under "Settings" > "API 2" enable the user for API v2 access

  • Log in as a user to get the API key.

More detailed instructions are here: Creating API Keys

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