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Components / Flex

Component IDs are a nifty means to group related segments.

Typical use cases:

  • Localizing software: The strings in a software product are often organized by project, module or namespace. For example, assign a string’s namespace to the component ID.

  • Localizing web sites: Assign a unique web page identifier or URL to each segment’s component ID.

When you push new strings or string updates simply set the “component” property with each segment. See documents/{id}/contents/push


  • When pulling segments, you get back the assigned component ID.

  • You can enumerate all components in a Flex document including the segment count. apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/components

  • You can get all components that were fully translated “recently”. This makes it easy to deliver back translations, component by component, and language by language. apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/components/status

  • Pulling segments by a list of components opens up new horizons for a advanced localization scenarios.

API methods

The component-specific methods are:

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