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Produces an HTML version, ready-to-display with the most recent transactions. It includes project details, Flex container details and the language print names.

In comparison, apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/log returns the raw and unprepared information on all push operations. It lacks the data such as project name or document name which one needs to produce end-user reports. 


(GET) /api/apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/log/report/html


URL parameters are:


Specify either a document ID (such as 1000) or a job ID (such as c300).

int/string, Mandatory

Optional number between 1 and 200. Default is 100.

Retrieve up to this number of most recent commit details.

int?, Optional

Optional, default is false.

  • true: Get complete HTML document: Incudes <html> tag and CSS styles.
  • false: Get HTML body only. Use if you want to embed the content in your own HTML page or if you want to define your own CSS styles. 
bool?, Optional


HTML content.

Results are explained here: apps/wbflex/transactions/{id}/log/html

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