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Retrieves the most recent transactions of a Flex document in JSON format.


(GET) /api/apps/wbflex/transactions/{id}/log


URL parameters are:


The Flex document identifier. Either a document ID (such as 1000) or a job ID (such as c300).

int/string, Mandatory
skipOptional, default is 0. Permits to paginate transactions. A value of 20 means that we show the 20th, 21th etc. transactionint?, Optional
takeOptional, default is 20. Retrieve this number of transaction. The maximum allowed value is, Optional


A JSON object containing some details of the Flex document plus a list of the transactions:

    "skip": 0,
    "take": 6,
    "total": 6,
    "id": 10683,
    "name": "Sample document.wbflex",
    "filterName": "SRX",
    "pid": 3623,
    "pname": "JAWS-417",
    "src": { "v": "en-GB", "t": "English (United Kingdom)" },
    "trgs": [ { "v": "fr-FR", "t": "French (France)" }
    "rows": [ ..... ]

Comments on some properties:

  • id - The document ID
  • name: The document name
  • filterName: The filter configuration's name that applies to this document. The configuration is assigned when creating the Flex document.
  • pid: The project ID
  • pname: The project name
  • src: The source language information
  • trgs: The target language(s) information
  • rows: The list of transactions. Each element in rows is a transaction.

For a detailed description of properties please refer to: apps/wbflex/documents/{id}/log/report



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