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Produces an Excel report for the given report ID.

This operation is asynchronous. This means you submit your request and then need to poll the operation ID until completion. Then you can download the Excel (or other report format). 


(POST) /businessreports/reports/{id}/create


URL parameters are:


The unique ID of the report.

To get a list of all reports use: businessreports/list 

A default report is prefixed "S" such as in "S500".

A custom report is prefixed with "C" such as in "C1002"

string, Mandatory

The body must contain a JSON object with these properties:



Some reports propose an option to tune the contents: Sorting of results, date filter criteria and more.

In order to understand which options (if any) are available for the report you want to create, proceed as follows:

  • Get the list of all reports and locate your report: businessreports/list
  • Look for the options property. Use your preferred value "v", see example below.


"options": [
                    "v": "",
                    "t": "Filter by project creation or completion date"
                    "v": "CREATED",
                    "t": "Filter by project creation date"

If you do not specify uioption, the default (first entry) will be used.

string?, Optional

Date range start.

Some reports do not require date ranges. Get the list of all reports and look for the needDateSelector boolean. If it is true you MUST specify a date range.

DateTime?, Optional

Date range end.


To customize the language of the report. This is used for language names, country names and similar.

Wordbee supports only a small subset of locales such as "en", "fr", "es",

If you want to 

DateTime?, Optional


Immediate result 

The operation may take more or less time depending on the amount of data in the report. Therefore it is implemented as an asynchronous operation.

The API method returns an Asynchronous operation result:

  "trm": {

Poll for completion

If the operation is not completed (status = Finished), you need to poll every few seconds until completion with requestid. When finished you obtain a token to download the JSON file:

    "trm": {
        "requestid": 32230,
        "isbatch": false,
        "status": "Finished",
        "statusText": "Finished!"
    "custom": {
        "filetoken": "1104cf62b1934e0f9ae40c43c4af1ae2",
        "filename": "myreport.xlsx"

Download report file

Once you got the filetoken, you call media/get/{token} to download the report file.


GET /api/media/get/6dd25e68006e4f918c8dcd8f21d69255

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