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Copy of persons/io/update (POST)

work in progress

This method lets you update one person, delete one person or create one new person.

If you need to make multiple updates you should rather use this method: persons/io/updates (POST)


(POST) /api/persons/io/update


The body must contain a JSON object with these properties:


The token that references the JSON array with all updates (your requests for creation, change or deletion of persons).

Use media/upload to upload JSON and obtain the token.

The JSON payload is an array of update requests, see Person update request (Object)

string, Mandatory


Optional. If not specified, then value is set to false.

  • false: Default value. Any changes are committed.

  • true: To test if your payload is valid. The system checks all data but does not commit changes to the system.

Please use the read-only mode for development or testing only. It should not be used in production.

bool, Optional


The body must contain a JSON object.

This is a request to delete a person, create a person or change the properties of a person.

See Person update request (Object) for payload details.

A typical payload may look as follows (the example is for deleting a person):

    "action": "Delete",
    "pid": 677,
    "cid": 537,
    "data": "just a test"


The API method returns detailed status and error information.

See Person update result (Object)

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