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Costing error messages / Flex

When requesting cost details or pricing information, the result indicates if the information is available or not.

A typical result may look like:

    "success": false,
    "message": "Costing is currently not activated. Please contact your translation service provider.",
    "messageCode": "NOT-ACTIVATED"

When success is false then no information is available and the message indicates the reason.

The following types of messages are possible:

Message code

Message and description


“Pricing information has not been activated. Please contact your translation service provider.”

The user is not authorized to access cost or pricing information.

Worker users can never access such information.

Client users can access information only if given access right R401, see Costing / Flex

Internal manager level users can access information if they have the right to access all projects.


“Costing is currently not activated for this connector. Please contact your translation service provider.”

You need to enable client costing in the Wordbee project’s workflow. Check out the “Flex” tab in the page.


"The content is unchanged and was already translated previously. No cost is incurred."

The user submitted a push that does not require any translation work.


“Your pricing details appear to be incomplete. Action is required by your service provider. Please contact your translation service provider.”

Although you enabled costing in the Wordbee project workflow, some services are missing in the client price list. For example: Let’s say you configured Translation and Revision work to be costed and the Flex document has 10 languages. Then you need to add a Translation and a Revision service to the price list, one per each language.


“Failed to obtain a cost preview due to an error. Please contact your translation service provider to resolve this issue.”

Any other error.


These pages return cost/pricing information:

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