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Document Details (Object)

A JSON object that represents name and other details for a document in a scope.


didThe document
dsidThe document set id.


nameThe name of the document.string

Null or the maximum document paragraph (segment id) to which the connected user has access.

This is used when only a portion of a document is assigned as a job to a worker.

pminNull or the minimum document
ptypeDocument format type, internal
pdomainDocument format domain: WORD, EXCEL, TXT, POT etc. Full list with all document formats including name and supported file extensions can be found here.string


A preview application identifier. Used when translating subtitles or voice overs. Requires timestamp information in the segment context field.

Supported values: "video"

More information: resources/documents/{did}/previewapp

previewurlThe URL used by the preview application. With videos previews this would be the video's URL (in a Wordbee project or an external URL).string?

editTrue if the user can "likely" edit the document's segments.bool
 Advanced properties: Included by some API methods only 
ctagsList of custom markup tag names that can be inserted into segments.array<string>

Null or the list of sub documents. For example, a Powerpoint file will be stored as one document with one sub document per slide.

Each sub document has these properties:

  • sdid: The sub document id (sequential number within document)
  • sdnm: The name of the sub document, e.g. "Slide 1"






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