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Video preview for subtitling and voice over

Efficient subtitling and voice over work requires a video player while translating the SRT, VTT etc. file. Any file can be "video-previewed" as long as the segment context contains time stamp information (see SRT timestamp formatting). Wordbee Translator is then able to show a video while you translate and it overlays both original and translated texts in real-time.

Web and mobile preview

At this point we support "video" previews only. In the future it may be possible to preview mobile games.

To preview web applications, a different mechanism is proposed: The Wordbee Beebox LivePreview.

Setting the preview application and URL

A document stores the type of preview application and an URL which, in the case of video previews, points to a video file in Wordbee or in the Internet.

The present API method permits to set how to preview a specific document.

Currently, the translation editor supports "video" previews if timestamp information is stored in the segments' context field. Timestamps are automatically populated when translating subtitling files such as SRT or VTT.


(POST) /resources/documents/{did}/previewapp


The URL contains the document id (did).

Additional parameters are included as JSON in the request body:


The scope object. The segment must be within the scope.

Mandatory, object

Optionally set a preview application identifier:

  • video: The segment context field contains timestamps. Document can be previewed using a media player
  • null: Clear the preview application. This also clears the previewurl below

Other preview applications may be supported in the future.

Optional, string

Optionally set or clear the URL for use by the preview application.

With video previews this would point to the video file to be opened by the translation editor's media player.

Specify an empty string or null value to clear the URL.

Optional, string



Document details for the document, see Document Details (Object). The details are returned with the full set of properties.

If the document id is not valid or the user cannot update the preview information then the method fails with an error.


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