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Find And Replace Action

This action permits to find and replace text in a language.

The action is configured as follows:




string, Mandatory

The language of the text to apply the operation to.

string, Mandatory

Specifies the mode of finding text:

  • Plain: The system searches the plain text
  • Wildcards: The system interpretes "*" and "?" as wildcard operators.
  • Regex: The system interpretes the text to search as a regular expression.
string, Mandatory
patternThe text to search. Depending on the mode this is either plain text, a wildcard expression or a regular expression.string, Mandatory
replaceWithText to replace the found occurrences of the pattern.string, Mandatory

Optional, default is true.

If true then the pattern is expected to start and end at word boundaries. If the pattern is "hello" then it will find this word inside "I say hello." but not inside "I say helloworld".


Optional, default is false.

True: Ignore case when finding text pattern. False: Do not ignore lower/uppercase differences.

bool, Optional



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