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Inconsistent Translations Action

This action identifies source texts that have been translated in different ways.

It can for example be applied to a project to find inconsistently translated source strings.

The action is configured as follows:



string, Mandatory

The language of the original texts. This is typically the source language of the segments.

string, Mandatory

The language of the translations.

string, Mandatory

Optional similarity threshold. Default is 100.

Defines how different translations of the same source text must be to be flagged as inconsistent.

The default value of 100% expects translations to be fully identical.

A smaller value such as 90% would still accept minor differences.

int, Optional

Optional flag to disregard case differences. Default is false.

If true then case differences in translations are disregarded and will not be flagged as inconsistent.

bool, Optional


Example 1

Consider the following segments and their translations:

1Hello worldBonjour monde
2Hello worldBonjour MONDE

When choosing ignoreCase = true then no inconsistency is flagged.

When choosing ignoreCase = false then both segments are flagged

Example 2

Consider this example:

1Hello worldBonjour monde
2Hello worldBonjour monde !

By setting similarity = 90, the system disregards the punctuation difference and thus not flag any of the 2 segments.

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