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invoices/items/{id} (PUT)

To update an existing client or supplier invoice.


(PUT) /api/invoices/items/{id}


The URL parameters are:


The invoice ID.

int, Mandatory

The request BODY contains a JSON payload with the new invoice’s properties:


Optional. Use if you want to update any of the properties.

Refer to Invoice Properties Record and notable the section “UPDATING”

object, Optional


Optional. Use if you want to replace the existing invoice lines with a new set of lines.

An array if invoice lines. You must submit at least 1 line.

See Invoice Line Record and make sure to read the notes on Inserting and Updating lines.

object[], Optional


This is optional. It will be populated with the presets configured in the client record by default (which usually is what is wanted).

If you want to customize this section, submit this object: Invoice Distribution Record

object?, Optional


The result is the updated invoice document.

See Invoice Document Record for details.

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