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orders/{orderId}/status (PUT)

To update the status of an order.

Any user who can change the status of the order online is also authorized to use this API methods. Some status transitions are authorized for internal manager-level users only. Typical client users can only make status transitions that “make sense” in the current context of the order (such as accepting or rejecting results). To retrieve available transitions use: orders/{orderId}/status/transitions


(PUT) /api/orders/{orderId}/status


URL parameters are:


The numeric order ID. See orders/list to find orders.

integer, Mandatory

The body must be a JSON object with these properties:


The new order status. See Order status for the numeric values. Also check out orders/{orderId}/status/transitions for getting a list of possible status transitions.

integer. Mandatory


Optional text message to save with the status change in the order history. This text will also be included in the email notification.

string?, Optional


Optional. Default is true.

If set to false (not recommended) then the system will not notify the client and other stakeholders of the status translation.

If dropped or set to true then a regular email notification will be sent out.

bool?, Optional




This method is available to any user (clients, internal users) who has access to the given order online and to the status transitions available there.

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