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QA Issues Update Action

This action permits to update selected QA issues.

The action is configured as follows:



string, Mandatory

The language of the text for which to update QA issues.

string, Mandatory

Optional. Selects the rules assigned to the issues to update: An array of QA rule ID numbers.

See also Searching - QA issues

"rules": [10, 11, 12] 
int[]?, Optional

Optional. Selects the severity of issues to update.

  • 0 = information
  • 1 = warning
  • 2 = error.


"severity": [2] 
int[]?, Optional


  • true = only update dismissed issues.
  • false = only update not dismissed issues.
  • null or missing = update any issue

bool?, Optional

Optional, default is false.

If true then the text status is adjusted for the issues (after any filtered issues are updated):

  • Change status to Error (red) if there is any active (not dismissed) issue left
  • Change status to None (gray) if there no active issue is left and the current status was Error (red)

Note: The text status is only changed if issues were actually updated by the action.

bool, Optional

Optional. Change dismissed status for any of the issues selected with the filters above.

  • true: flag issues as dismissed
  • false: flag issue as active, not dismissed

bool?, Optional

Optional. Change issue severity for any of the issues selected with the filters above.

  • 0 = information
  • 1 = warning
  • 2 = error

int?, Optional

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