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Quick Check Action

This action provides a quick check & fix tool for:

  • Bad markup correction
  • Double space removal
  • Bad leading and trailing white spaces
  • Bad space after final punctuation

The action is configured as follows:



string, Mandatory

The source language or reference language.

string, Mandatory

The language to find problems and/or fix.

string, Mandatory

False: Skip checking & fixing of green status segments.

True: Check and fix segments even if status is green.

Default: false.

Recommended title: "Re-check segments even if status is green"

bool, Optional

Controls bad markup detection and correction.

  • null: Disabled
  • false: Find and flag bad markup. Do not fix.
  • true: Find and fix bad markup

Default: true

Recommended title: "Detect missing or invalid markup"

bool?, Optional

Looks for double spaces not appearing in source text.

  • null: Disabled
  • false: Flag invalid double spaces.
  • true: Flag and fix invalid double spaces

Default: null

Recommended title: "Detect double spaces inside segments"

bool?, Optional

Looks for trailing and leading spaces different from those in source text. For example, flags a leading space if there is no leading space in the source.

  • null: Disabled
  • false: Flag bad spaces.
  • true: Flag and fix bad spaces.

Default: null

Recommended title: "Detect inconsistent leading and trailing spaces"

bool?, Optional

Looks at spaces before and after markup and compares if spaces adjacent to markup in the translation match those in the source. Also checks for consistency of different categories of whitespaces (tabs, newlines, sequences).

    • null: Disabled
    • false: Flag bad segment boundary spaces.
    • true: Flag and fix bad segment boundary spaces.

Default: null

Recommended title: "Inconsistent markup spacing"

bool?, Optional

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