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Generates the translated file and saves to a temporary location. Note that this method cannot be used with attachments.

The call is asynchronous and returns a file token to subsequently download, preview or save the created file.


(POST) /resources/files/new


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:


The scope object. Note that if you use a document set or global search scope, you will receive an "available" = false result. In fact these scopes do not support files.

Mandatory, object
didThe document id. This must be a document within the scope.Mandatory, int

Language of deliverable.

Mandatory, string
encodingOptional encoding of the file. If not specified or null, the system uses the original file's encoding or the last one used for the current file.Optional, string?

Optional, default is true. Uses source texts where translations are missing.

Optional, bool?
includeAllLocalesOptional, default is true. In case of multilingual files (such as Excel, CSV...) the built file will contain translations in all the languages.Optional, bool?

Optional instructions to highlight segments in the created document. Examples: Highlight erroneous segments in red color. Example:

highlight: { "editors": [2, 3, 9], "errors": true }

Properties are:

  • editors: Optional list of last editors. For example, 2 stands for exact memory pre-translations and will be colored in red.
  • errors: Optional boolean. To highlight texts in red status.

To understand if highlighting is available for a document and which options/colors are used, please check out the hl node when you get details for the document.

NOTE: Available for Microsoft Word documents only. Always look at the hl node as we may support other formats already.

Optional, object



The result is returned from the asynchronous operation:


A token that lets you reference the file for these actions:

tokenminsThe number of minutes until token expires.
sizeThe file size in bytes.
nameThe name of the file.

JSON with the parameters to subsequently preview the created file.

The parameters are the same as those returned in property "preview" by the method resources/files/details




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