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Previews a previously created new deliverable, see resources/files/new

This is an asynchronous operation.


(POST) /resources/files/new/preview


The parameters are a JSON object included in the request body:

tokenThe token obtained from the call resources/files/newMandatory, string
baseurlOptional. When creating the file, you receive details on whether the base url can be customized or not. If so, specify here.Optional, string?
encodingOptional encoding of the file. If not specified or null, the system uses the original file's encoding or the last one used for the current file.Optional, string?


A TRM formatted JSON.

When finished the JSON contains a secure token that you can use to view the file: previewtoken

Then open a browser page and direct to /api/media/get/{previewtoken} to show the results which is an HTML page.


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