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Wordbee proposes many different reports and you can even build your own "Translation-" report templates with the Business Report module.

The present method returns a list of all available reports (or report templates) including a unique ID. This ID is then passed to the method that creates the report.


(GET) /api/resources/segments/reports/items/{scope}


URL parameters are:


Specify the scope of segments, such as Project, Job, DocumentSet, Resource etc. for which you intend to print the report.

Some reports are available only for certain scopes. This page: scope object explains all available options.

If omitted, this method returns only those reports that are available with all scopes.

string, Optional


The method returns all available reports with ID, title and description:

        "id": "_revisions",
        "title": "Revisions",
        "description": "Print segments with human revisions"
        "id": "_postedits",
        "title": "Post-edits",
        "description": "Print segments with human editing of machine or pretranslations"
        "id": "_all",
        "title": "All",
        "description": "Print all segments"
        "id": "S710",
        "title": "Document translations, revisions and comments",
        "description": "This report prints source texts and translations for a document or project with revisions history and comments. It contains information for a single target language."


Get all reports to print translations of a job:

(GET) /api/resources/segments/reports/items/Job

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