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Gets full details of a price list service.

A service is typically a source language, target language, type of work and some unit price information.


(GET) /api/services/pricelists/{plid}/services/{svcid}


URL parameters are:


The price list ID

Integer, Mandatory
svcidThe service IDInteger, Mandatory


The service properties are:


svcidThe unique service
plidThe unique price list

A unique identifier that concatenates price list ID and service ID. The format is:

  • C{price list ID}-{service ID} : For master, client or supplier company price list services
  • P{price list ID}-{service ID} : For services assigned to internal workers

This ID is redundant. We show it in Wordbee Translator for convenience for the user.


The company which owns the price list to which this service is attached.

  • Internal and client price lists are always owned by the master company ("My company"): The master company provides the services to clients!
  • Supplier price lists are always owned by supplier companies. The supplier companies provide services to the master company ("My company") and which then resells services to its clients.
pidIf the service is assigned to a specific person and not a company, then this is the person's unique

True if this service is inherited from the parent price list or explicitly defined in the present price list.

Please check inheritance options in this API method: services/pricelists/{plid}

disabledBoolean. If true then this service is currently disabled.bool


The source language code of the service.

The special code "*" is a placeholder for any language: The service can be used for any source language.

To discover all languages see settings/languages


The target language code of the service.

The special code "*" is a placeholder for any language: The service can be used for any source language.

srctThe source language titlestring
trgtThe target language titlestring
taskThe service task code such as TR for translation or RV for revision. To discover all task types, see settings/tasks/codesstring
tasktThe task print title, such as "Translation", "Revision", etc.string

codeAn optional product code. Empty string if no code.string
commentsOptional internal comments (never visible to external users or unauthorized internals)string?
ratingA user defined service rating from 0 (not set) to 6 (best).int

The average rating given by managers and over the past weeks. This information is automatically populated from the Wordbee business analytics tools and the rating features.

0 means no data available. 1 is the lowest and 6 the highest rating.


unitThe unit that will be costed. Such as WD (words) or CH (characters). See this API to obtain a list of all units: Price unitsstring
unittThe unit print title.string

Indicates the number of units (unit) that the service amount includes.

In most cases this will be 1, but not in all, see below:

Examples: "20 cents per 1 word", "20 cents per 15 characters", etc.

amountThe service amount. It can be null if no amount is specified.decimal?

A user friendly text with the service price. Null if amount is null.

For example:

  • "EUR 0.01 per Word"
  • "USD 0.2 per 50 Characters"
currencyThe three letter currency code such as EUR or USD.string
currencySymbolThe currency symbol such as $.string

Deadline calculation

Used for deadline calculation. Defines the number of hours upon transmission of a request until the time in hours the work typically starts.

0 if not set or no lead time.


Used for deadline calculation. Defines the number of units the service provider can do in a work day.

0 if not set or no lead time.



Defines how discounts are calculated for this specific service:

  • No : No discounts
  • PriceList : The discounts defined in the price list do apply
  • Custom : The service defines its own specific discounts

All the below properties apply to Custom mode only.

discountModeTypeA numeric value for the discount mode. This can be

Optional. Discount for 100% pretranslations. A value between 0 and 100. Applicable only if mode is "Custom". 

discountPretrans110Optional. Discount for 110% (perfect) pretranslations. A value between 0 and 100. Applicable only if mode is "Custom".decimal?
discountPretransMTOptional. Discount for machine translations. A value between 0 and 100. Applicable only if mode is "Custom".decimal?
discountPretransFuzzyOptional. Discount for fuzzy pretranslations, i.e. pretranslations at below 100% leveraging similarity. A value between 0 and 100. Applicable only if mode is "Custom".decimal?


Optional. Discount for fuzzy (untranslated) matches or repetitions.

The respective fuzzy interval (1 to 6) must be defined in the price list.


Backup service
backupServiceIdOptional service ID that shall be used by a manager if the present service is not available. Typically the backup service points to a price list of an alternative
backupPriceListIdThe price list of the backup service, see

Custom fields

An array with all the service level custom fields. The array elements each have these properties:

  • id: The custom field ID composed of the field domain (always 9) and the sequential number of the custom field
  • value: The value


"cfser": [
		"id": "9-1",
		"value": "Alpha"
		"id": "9-6",
		"value": "No"

See this API to obtain a list of all defined custom fields: settings/customfields

cfser1, cfser2...

Custom fields as separate properties.

Note that these properties contain the raw unprocessed custom field values, whereas cfser are prepared for display. For example, a boolean custom field will contain null/"" in cfser1 but show "No" in cfser (if the field is mandatory).

changeUserIdThe user who created or last updated this

Date of last change of this service.


Price list
pricelistThe price list to which the service belongs. See this page for property details: services/pricelists/{plid}object


The following example is for a manager user accessing a job which is proposed to him/her. As a manager, the user has management level actions as well.

    "id": "C549-1025",
    "svcid": 1025,
    "plid": 549,
    "cid": 540,
    "pid": null,
    "inherited": false,
    "disabled": false,
    "src": "en",
    "trg": "*",
    "srct": "English (en)",
    "trgt": "(Any language)",
    "task": "RV",
    "taskt": "Revision",
    "code": "mycode2",
    "comments": "my comments",
    "rating": 2,
    "ratingManager": 0.00,
    "unit": "WD",
    "unitt": "Word(s)",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "currencySymbol": "€",
    "unitsCount": 1,
    "amount": null,
    "amountText": null,
    "leadHours": 20,
    "unitsPerDay": 6000,
    "discountMode": "Custom",
    "discountModeType": null,
    "discountPretrans100": 40.123400,
    "discountPretrans110": null,
    "discountPretransMT": null,
    "discountPretransFuzzy": 3.000000,
    "discountMatch1": 4.000000,
    "discountMatch2": 5.000000,
    "discountMatch3": 6.000000,
    "discountMatch4": 7.000000,
    "discountMatch5": 0.000000,
    "discountMatch6": null,
    "backupServiceId": 1024,
    "backupPriceListId": 549,
    "changeUserId": 562,
    "changeDate": "2021-06-22T10:43:21.02Z",
    "cfser": [
            "id": "9-1",
            "value": null
            "id": "9-2",
            "value": "No"
    "cfser1": null,
    "cfser2": "No",
    "pricelist": { ... }


See Services.

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