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Company services

This section describes the API method to retrieve and manage price lists.

Price lists are defined for companies that supply services. A price list has many properties including a code, a name and a list of services. A service might be for translation, proofreading or any other type of work. A service typically is defined for one or more language couples and generally includes detailed pricing details (unit price, discounts etc). Example: Translation from English into French with a unit price of 0.15 USD per word and a 20% discount for pre-translations.

As mentioned above, a price list is defined for the company that provides services:

  • Master company: Contains all price lists and services supplied to clients. This is the money you receive from your clients for work done.

  • Supplier companies: Contains all price lists and services supplied to you (the platform owner). This is the money you pay to get work done.

  • Inhouse workers: Work done by inhouse staff can also be costed. The inhouse staff services are configured as “person services”.

The API methods are:

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