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services/pricelists/{plid}/services/{svcid} (PUT)

To update an existing pricelist service.


(PUT) /api/services/pricelists/{plid}/services/{svcid}


URL parameters are:


The price list ID

Integer, Mandatory
svcidThe service IDInteger, Mandatory

The body must include a JSON object.

The properties are the same as with services/pricelists/{plid}/services/new (POST) with these exceptions:

  • src, trg: The languages of an existing service cannot be updated. These properties are disregarded.
  • task: The task code of an existing service cannot be updated. These prperties are disregarded.

Note: All service properties will be updated (unless otherwise described).

If you do not set a property, the indicated default value will be set. It is best to first fetch the existing service, then change the properties you intend to change and then submit all properties with this method.


The method returns the updated service.

The properties are the same as described here: services/pricelists/{plid}/services/{svcid}


See Services.

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