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Viewing change log in Wordbee Translator

Wordbee Translator provides a user-friendly option to view the history of all commits/pushes to a Flex file. All these events are saved to a log file in JSON format.

Either view or download change log

Go to the Wordbee Translator project that contains the Flex file. 

You will see a log file just below your Flex file. It contains information on content pushed to a Flex file or other events. Please note that the file is only created with the first commit.

Double-click the .wbflex.log file to display details:

If you rather want to download the log file, right-click it and choose Download from the menu.

Get logs with the API

There are 2 API methods to retrieve the logs for a Flex file:

Adding or updating content in the Flex file is automatically logged. You can use the API to append any other custom events:

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