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Callbacks - Parameters

The Callback URL is called with these URL parameters:

URL ParameterDescription

The unique event id (an alphanumeric ID). 

Use this ID to fetch full event details, for example to obtain the list of newly delivered translated files. See API - Full event details


The type of event. To simply track additions of new source files and creation of new translated files then please simply listen to these two events: "Source File Parse "and" Created Translated Files".  Please refer to Beebox Recent Events page for the list of all event types. 

Connector callbacks (see Callbacks - Connector Callbacks) are triggered for this event only:

  • CreateTranslatedFiles:
    • This notifies the delivery of one or more translated files. These files can now be pulled via the API.
    • Use API - Full event details to fetch the JSON which contains the list of delivered files.

Admin callbacks are triggered for any kind of event, among the most important are:

  • SourceFileChange
  • SourceFileParse
  • CreatedTranslatedFiles
  • See complete list of events further down

bbsenderThe origin at or of the event.  Can be either "Admin" (Administrator), "Plugin" (Standard plugin), "Plugin Ext" (Advanced Plugin) or "Autorun" (Autorun operation).  For example, if your connector sends a new file, the URL will be called and inform of the addition of a new file. In other words, you will receive all type of events even those you had triggered yourself.
bbprojectThe project key.
bbdateThe UTC date/time of the event. ISO 8601 formatted such as "2007-04-05T14:30Z" or "2007-04-05T12:30-02:00".
bbokEither "true" or "false". Indicates if the operation triggering this event was successful or failed.
bberrorError message if the operation had failed.

The table below lists all event types:

Event code


File related events


New source files added or updated in the project.


Source files processed. This refers to extracting text content from the files and pre-translation from memories. All segments are now available in the Beebox project. If a source file failed to process bberror will be set.


New translated file or files created and saved to disk.


Preliminar machine translated target files are created. Preliminary files can be enabled in the "Automation" tab of the project settings page. These are raw machine-translated versions before unapproved segments are sent to a human translation workflow.

Job events


New job created and committed.


Xliffjobsonly.Job in progress.


Xliffjobsonly.Job completed.


Xliffjobsonly.Job xliff saved to exchange output directory. This event is raised if the hot folder mechanism for xliff exchange is enabled in a project.


Xliffjobsonly.Job updated from new xliff available in the exchange input directory. This event is raised if the hot folder mechanism for xliff exchange is enabled in a project.

PackageTmsSubmitRequ est

Online jobsonly. Submitted job to TMS to obtain cost or word count.

PackageTmsCommitReq uest

Online jobs only. Commit previous request to TMS. Work now starts.

PackageTmsCheckResul tsDone

Online jobs only. Ask TMS if job results are done and can be downloaded.



Online jobs only. Downloads results from TMS.

PackageTmsCancelRequ est

Online jobs only. Cancel job.

PackageContentsApprov ed

Translations in a job are approved. This typically happens after translations are imported from an xliff or the TMS.

PackageContentApplyCh anges

Apply various changes to job contents (flags, translation, etc.)

PackagePseudoTranslat ed

Job content was fully or partially machine or pseudotranslated.


Commits a job. This means that translations were imported from xliff or the TMS and are now applied to the Beebox project memory. Once this is done, the source files can subsequently be translated. A committed job aIready to be closed.


Cancel package.


Close package.


Delete package.


Reopen package.

TMS connections


Occurs when a link to a TMS is created in a project. At this stage the link is not established and operational but pending approval by the TMS owner.


Send a message to the TMS owner.


Delete TMS link.

Project related events


Project details were updated.


Project was deleted.


A new project was created.


Apply various changes to the project memory contents (flags, translation, etc.)


Project memory was fully or partially machine or pseudo translated.


Delete all contents from the project memory.


Delete the content of a single file from the project memory.



Beebox account details updated (name, login, password etc.)


Admin did a Beebox reset. This logs out all users and clears any cached data from memory.


The Autorun operations for a project are enabled.


The Autorunoperationsfora projectaredisabled.


An Autorun operation in a project exited with a fatal error. Such event should never occur. Error details should be looked up in the Windows event log.


The process running automatic operations terminated due to a non-fatal error. Such event should never occur.


The process running automatic operations terminated with success. This only occurs when the Beebox server or service is restarted or stopped.

MaintenanceA generic maintenance related event type.

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