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Editor - Filter pane

In the top of the editor, you see filtering options.

Top links:

  • Choose a target language in the top left. The Beebox will show translations in that language.
  • Click Wildcards to toggle between wildcard or regular expression search mode.
  • Click Show content to display the context of each segment: The text just before and after.
  • Click Regular text size to customize the font size from very small to very big.


  • Find in source field: Does an infix search (wildcards mode) or a regular expression (if mode enabled)
  • Find in target field
  • File label selector: Can be used if you have configured labels (tags) in the project settings
  • Status selector: To find approved segments, missing translations, QA problems, locked translations, etc.
  • Last edit by: Filter by the origin of translation such as Human edited, Machine Translated, Pretranslated, etc.
  • File name: Infix search on the file name/path

If you change filters click Search to apply the filters.




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