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Install and test package

This page explains how to prepare your Beebox package and how it is installed to a Beebox.

Create the Beebox package

The Beebox package is a single dll or a single zip archive. This one file is your package and uploaded to the Beebox.

If your dll does not have any non-standard dependencies, it is all you will need. However, if your extension has dependencies other than the .Net framework or GAC assemblies (global assembly cache), you need to zip your dll and the dependent dlls. A zip archive is also useful if you want to include instructions, license details or other information with your package.

A package without dependencies, your dll is all you need:


A package with a few dependencies, create a zip:





Your dll name must end with .BeeboxPackage.dll. The name of the zip archive is of no importance.


A word on dependencies

These dependencies do not need to be included in your package:

  • Wordbee.Extensibility.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • Standard .Net framework dlls


Install your package

Log in to the Beebox user interface. Click on "Administration" and then "Extensions":

Click the "Upload package" button and select your dll or zip file. The packages will be installed and listed above.

To upload a new version of your package, simply upload again. Your current version will be replaced.


You can simply drag & drop your package onto the Upload package panel.


Now that your extensions are installed, you are ready to test them in the user interface.


Installation errors

In the case the installation fails, error messages will be displayed in the page:


Click here for tips & tricks.





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