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.Net Extensions

You can develop and install your own Microsoft .Net software c# or VB.Net code to a Beebox server.

Currently you can develop these types of extensions:


Type of extension

Pseudo Translator

Pseudo-translation is commonly used for localization purposes during development and testing. Implement your own algorithms.

Text Filter / Quality Checker

Filters can be used to find erroneous translations, missing translations or other content that does not pass quality checks. Add your own algorithms.

Translated File Action

Triggered whenever translated files are created. Implement your extension to copy or rename files, or for logging purposes.


From a developer point of view, things are quite straightforward: Start with creating a class library project in Visual Studio. Add one class per extension. The classes must implement a specific interface which we will explain in more detail later on. Finally, you compile your project and upload the dll to the Beebox server. Ready to test.

Some terminology we use throughout this chapter: A Beebox Package is the dll you upload to the Beebox. It contains one or more extensions. A Beebox Extension is a class in your dll which implements one translation algorithm, one text filter or one other type of extension.


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