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Create a Visual Studio project

Let's create a Visual Studio project containing our Beebox package.

Create a class library project

Please now create a Visual Studio "Class Library" project.

You can download a sample project here.

Strictly follow the assembly naming convention

Name your project according to this convention: "MySuperPackage.BeeboxPackage.csproj". The .BeeboxPackage at the end is on purpose. In fact, the Beebox accepts a dll with that suffix. Right click your project in the Solution Explorer and make sure your assembly name is compliant. Rename if needed:

Add a reference to the Beebox library

Add a reference to the Wordbee.Beebox.Extensibility assembly. you can download it from here.

This is how it should look like:

Add classes to implement Beebox extensions

Now add your custom extensions. Each extension is implemented by a separate class. You can include as many extension in a single assembly as you like.

See the following pages for details, start reading here.

Compile and add to Beebox

The last step is to compile your project and upload the dll from the Beebox Administration pages, by navigating to "Administration" > "Extensions". Read more.

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