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Live Preview - Troubleshooting

Access from Wordbee - Failed to retrieve file

While trying to access Beebox Live Preview directly from Wordbee editor, Wordbee makes sure all the translations related to the previewed page are up-to-date.

For this purpose, Wordbee needs to connect to your Beebox from the internet via an inbound API call.

Here are the reasons while you could get the error "Failed to retrieve file from Beebox" while you try to preview your document directly from the Wordbee editor.

  • The Beebox is not accessible from the internet. Live Preview from Wordbee cannot be used when your Beebox is not reachable.
  • The Beebox is busy. There is a background operation running. Consider checking (and increase) the automation frequency of your projects.
    If the frequency is too low (for i.e. less than 5 minutes), Beebox is more subject to be busy and you may end up receiving an error.
  • A reverse proxy prevents Beebox from resolving the IP address of the API calls made by Wordbee. You need to configure your proxy to use X-Forward-For header.
  • Your Beebox is outdated. Very old versions of Beebox do not accept connections from Wordbee.

HTTP Authentification

If the website you want to Preview requires a HTTP authentification, it is possible Live Preview loop on asking you the credentials.

In order to fix this issue,

  1. Use the start menu, or the Administrative Tools and launch Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager.
  2. Collapse Sites and select BeeboxLivePreview.
  3. Choose Authentification

  4. Disable all authentification providers, except "Anonymous Authentification".


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