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PT - Translation Workflow

The translation workflow in pass-through projects is relatively simple.

The translation of a source file into a target languages (the target file) involves these steps:

  • New > Submitting > In progress > Done > Ready

Workflow Steps

The target file status indicates its step in the workflow:

NewThe source file has not yet been sent to Wordbee Translator (WBT).

The source file was sent to Wordbee Translator and is currently being prepared.

This may take a few seconds up to many minutes depending on the size and configuration of WBT.

In progress

The source file was successfully prepared in WBT. Translation of the source file into one or more languages is now in progress.

Please note that the Beebox does not know the exact workflow state in WBT.

If WBT created a preliminary machine translation it will be downloaded by Beebox (if this option is enabled).


The translation of the file into the target language is done.

The next step is to download the translated file(s) from WBT.

ReadyThe translated file has been downloaded to Beebox. This status completes the workflow.

The translation of the file into one or more target languages has been cancelled.

Cancellation may be triggered in different ways:

  • The workflow or file was removed inside WBT.
  • The source file was removed from the Beebox project.
  • The Beebox user cancels a translation from the Target Files page.



This status is shown if a source file could not be sent to WBT. Possible cases are:

  • The file is corrupt and WBT was not able to extract text content.
  • The file is password protected (possible with some file formats).





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